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Cheap LEDs vs. Your Saturday

Posted by John on

It is a beautiful spring Saturday afternoon here in South Carolina, and I should probably be out cutting the grass instead of working, but here I am.  I am, at least, in the air conditioned office.  This brings to the fore the thoughts of what some of my friends are doing today.  A couple went out on their boat, one went to the state park, one is working on a bathroom project, and yet another is spending half of this beautiful day replacing a bad LED in his grille.  Here is my point...

My friend saved a few $ and bought some cheap surface mount LEDs from a popular online company.  He could have bought quality USA made Feniex products from Lighthead Warning Equipment, but "saved" a few dollars...or so he thought.  The company he bought the LEDs from provided great customer service and shipped him another LED out without question.  However, this is the 3rd set that has failed and subsequently the 3rd Saturday he has spent replacing defective LED heads.  Exactly, where did he save money if indeed time = money?

There is something called Total Cost of Ownership which basically states, for our purposes, that there is the cost of buying the product, cost of installing the product, and the cost of using or replacing the product.  In my friend's case, let's do some basic math to see where he sits with his "savings."  We will say his time is worth $10 per hour and it takes 2 hours each time to replace the LED.

Cheap LED + Repair + Repair + Repair

   $39           +   $20    +   $20    +   $20   =  $99 is what that cheap LED has cost him so far in money and his time.

My whole point to this is that he saved a few dollars on the front end, but he keeps paying for his mistake of buying cheap lights to save a few dollars.  He could be out on his boat right now, but his truck is disassembled in his garage while he replaces that LED, again.     

Time is limited for everyone and time is very expensive. Our local install shop charges $90 per hour for their basic shop time. What is your free time on the weekends worth?

Now, imagine how mad your chief would be if you saved your department a few dollars and were now paying the install shop $90 per hour each time it needed to be replaced!!

At Lighthead Warning Equipment, we sell Feniex Industries LED and Siren equipment that is proudly made in the USA! We stand behind our products and can assure you that you are getting the best quality electronics on the market when you buy from us.  Feniex tests the quality of all of their products before they leave the facility.

You know the old saying, You get what you pay for!

Talk to you again soon.  Until then, stay safe out there!

To the boys and girls in blue, thank you for what you do!  - National Police Week 2015

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